The Wintertenen competition


Every year, the Wintertenen competition helps you to stay active when the triathlon season is over. It is composed of many sweet runs in the vicinity of Groningen.

The BAM!-score: If you participate in one or more runs you can score points, which will be collected and compared in the end with your fellow Tritanen.

The following rules apply: you can score points at every race depending on your final ranking among the Tritanen, who participated in that specific run. It is a classification only for Tritanium, which means you can finish 7that the run, but be the 5thTritaan.

The points are calculated through the BAM!-score system. The more Tritanen are competing, the more points you can score at each race – a good reason to convince all your teammates to join. You must participate in at least 4 races of the Wintertenen competition series in a year to compete in the final classification. If you participate in more than 4 races, then your 4 best results count.

Every year, your Technical Coordinator will inform you about the Wintertenen competition and about which races are included.