Tritanium is THE student triathlon club in Groningen. We are aiming to combine swimming, cycling and running with an international, open, social and fun community!

Sociability can be found in both non-sporting and sporting areas.

On the non-sportive side, we offer monthly drinks in Tram 13, dinners at the Blokes and we can promise that national holidays certainly do not pass by unnoticed.

On the active sport side:

  • Tritanium goes on a trainings weekend in March
  • We do trips to sport events beside triathlon like Adventure-runs
  • Tritanen are found in all triathlon and run bike run divisions during the competition season.

History of Tritanium

Tritanium was founded in November 2002. Our club started with a small team of ten men and women. Since then, our association has grown rapidly up to 60 members.

Besides the high national level which some athletes perform at, there is and has always been enough room for socializing and for people who want to do a triathlon for the first time.

The roots of G.S.T.V. Tritanium go back to the Batavierenrace. Two athletes (also runners of the winning University team in this year) met during a middle distance training from G.S.A.V. Vitalis. Jan Manenschijn, a member of Vitalis and Henk-Jan Dolsma, a member of G.V.A.V. Triathlon trained with other University runners.

A committee was set up with these athletes at Vitalis with triathlon specific training. Shortly after the summer break, the new ACLO Executive Committee for 2002/2003 did not want to support the Triathlon committee at Vitalis. The only option left was to create a new association with a board that would consist of Henk-Jan Dolsma (President), Menno ter Bals (Vice-President), Mark Huisman (Secretary), Jasper Eijsink (Technical Coordinator) and Jan Manenschijn (Treasurer).

On November 11, 2002, the fourth Student Triathlon Association in the Netherlands was founded and named G.S.T.V. Tritanium. The association grew to 18 members in that same academic year and achieves]d successful results at the NSK Triathlon (the podium consisted entirely of members of Tritanium, also knows as Tritanen).