First clinic 2020
22 February 2020
Corona guidelines & Trainingen
22 March 2020

Trainingweekend Ameland

Last weekend the annual trainingsweekend took place, and it was a great success! For a change we did not travel to lill’ ol’ Bakkeveen, but travelled to sport-eiland (winkwink) Ameland! It all started on the Friday evening: after a selection of the Accie prepared the MTB’s, and Cas cut mushrooms for the first time, all Tritanen arrived on Ameland one by one. Some devoured a kwarkje for PROTEINS, others played some games to reduce the building competition tenstion. Because on the Saturday all Tritanen would put forth their best cross-legg during the Ameland Crossduathlon! To prepare, some walked to the beach in the morning, whereas others joined trainer Joeval in the swimming pool. Here Joeval pushed every Tritaan out of their frontcrawl-comfortzone with several exercises and a lot of butterfly strokes. This was followed by a harsh competition, that was won by Cas AND Thomas, by a tactical throw of the dice by Thomas in the very last minute. These noble men won, of course, a Nobeltje, and everyone was curious how long that bottle would stay closed… Anyway, after this, the Tritanen travelled to the start of the crossduathlon, which was luckily around the corner. Leander, Bas, and Aga started the long distance: 8km run – 27km mtb – 4km run. This was not easypeasy, but all three battled the challenging parcours! Soon they were followed by the rest, who started the short distance: 4km run – 14km mtb – 4km run. Good business was done here eej. Cas, Irene M and Sanne even took a top-10 place, after a less-than-optimal preparation and some extra mtb-kilometres for Cas. After Cas Robbert finished. And Irene M and Sanne were closely followed by Zoe, who was encouraged by flying reporter Jeroen. After all this, everyone put up their legs and ate much-needed pancakes. In the evening some took another dive into the swimming pool, but the Nobeltjes stayed close, with the thoughts already turning to the next day: when it would be time to battle the wind during either a 30km or 60km MTB-tour. Cas, Thomas, Jeroen, Bobby, and Leander took out their strong cycling-legs for 60km, whilst the rest finished the 30km, and everyone was rewarded with more pancakes. Afterwards the ending neared, and it was time to clean up and travel back to mainland. The weekend was great! Thanks to all who were present, the Accie & Sporteiland!