Tritanium busy as a bee
10 May 2020
Introduction week 2020
4 August 2020


It has been a couple of weeks since the start of summerbreak, but we still wanted to take a look at our final activities before summerbreak. Because the last few weeks were full of good workouts and fun activities!

At the end of June we had our very first corona-approved get together: a good meal and something to drink at the Pakhuis with a large group! This was quickly followed by out very last week of training with our awesome trainerts. This week was full of fun training, the filming of our own Tritanium promo-clip (jup! You read that right! Keep an eye on the social media for snippets of the clip ;)), a swimrun (+ pizza) organised bij the HJD. The swimrun was won by Telma & Luuk. After a temporary goodbye from our coaches we still had one last day to see each other: on club day! After a good cup of coffee at Spaak everyone was ready to sup around the Hoornsemeer, before eatining a lot at the BBQ organised by the accie. Toppie! Now it is time for a break, but at the end of August/beginning of September we will be back. In the meanwhile you can join the fun on sportdaten or read the TT (see your mail). See you soon!