Our sponsors allow us to organize events, enjoy outings for a lower price, and facilitate our monthly dinners and social drinks, and much more! For this we are grateful and gladly give them some attention on this page, so keep reading.


Sporteiland has been the main sponsor of Tritanium since 2020. It is a sporting agency with extensive experience in organizing sporting events for both recreational and performance-oriented athletes. The partner in sports experience in the organization and execution of events and activities. Sporteiland organizes several major endurance sports events on Ameland, including the Adventurerun, the MTB weekend and the XTERRA NETHERLANDS. The first one has been a recurring event for Tritanium for years. This year, the MTB weekend was the location for our training weekend for the first time. The XTERRA NL is a large cross triathlon, part of the global XTERRA circuit. For more information: https://sporteiland.com/


Spaak – koffie & koers

Spaak is the cycling café in Groningen, which is located in the city center. Cycling means freedom and adventure, and coffee gives you energy and facilitates communication. Both together is a great combination which connects people to share the most beautiful cycling stories.

Spaak organizes a coffee & ride every Saturday at 09.30 am. More information can be found at www.Spaak.cc


Het Pakhuis

Food, drinks, friends, Het Pakhuis is the perfect place to combine these three. Even better: food, drinks, friends, after a good swim practice! Every last tuesday of the month Het Pakhuis offers us exactly that: a combined dinner + drink at Pakhuis after swim practice at the WAS. Want to know more about Het Pakhuis?  http://hetpakhuisgroningen.nl/


How to swim faster? How do you even handle that? Smartpaddle know all about this, and with the use of a scientific approach they can visualize your swimstroke, and thus enable you to improve where you need to improve. Smartpaddle organizes individual analyses, clinics, and much more! More information can be found on: https://smartpaddle.nl/

Tram 13

In addition to serious practice, Tritanium is still a student association with many fun activities. Every second Wednesday of the month, we have a social at Tram 13. Tram 13 is a cozy pub located at the Gelkingestraat 13 in Groningen. You can find more information at www.tram13.nl.



Working out a lot is fun, nevertheless it can lead to injuries. If your back, ankles, shoulder or your little toe hurts, then you can go to Thetra. Important to know: the first consultation at Thetra is free for Tritanen. Do not forget to mention your membership when you make the appointment. For contact details go to www.thetra.nl.



Did you know that you can save money on more than 1000 locations in the Netherlands? You can find more information on the Knaek Website: www.knaek.nl.