Clubchampionships 2020
22 September 2020

Semi-annual GM is behind us!

Last Friday, March 19, it was already time for the hALV of Treffers board! We unfortunately had to continue the trend of digital ALVs again with this edition, but that certainly did not spoil the fun. All the traditional parts came up tonight again! A semi-annual report with all activities up to now from our secretary Tijn broke the ice, after which the budget and realization until March of our treasurer Jannis was denounced. Despite some justified criticisms, it was nevertheless approved by a majority, some adjustments are needed and you will receive them in your mailbox as soon as possible.

An update of the policy plan was also presented by Bram, which unfortunately was not very renewing. Corona has thrown a spanner in the works for many things, fortunately we are very happy with a number of creative things that we have been able to continue to implement our policy such as the 5K challenge, the KOM / QOM challenge and the solo cross challenge!

Finally, it was time for the presentation of the Pokkelbokaal! This stone from the Vismarkt goes annually to the Tritaan who has gained the most weight inbetween the GM and the semi-GM. After nominations being our beloved members Jeroen, Robin, Bobby and Zoë, the honor was for Bobby to receive the prize. Congratulations Bobby!