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Day / period




Tuesday Swimming 19.00-20.00 WAS-bad, Zernike
Wednesday Running 19.00-20.30 Atletiekstadion Stadspark
Thursday (mar-oct) Cycling 16.30 Different, bv. Pondematen, Dorkwerd, Westpoort (Start is mentioned in the registration forms)
Thursday (oct-mar) Spinning (cycling) 20.00-21.00 ACLO sportcentrum
Friday TTZT (swimming) 7.30-8.30 WAS-bad, Zernike
Saturday (oct – feb) Running 10.00-12.00 Hoornseplas


In addition to the regular training hours, members can connect and arrange additional cycling, running and swimming sessions through the Facebook page Sportdaten. For specific training sessions you can use the Training Prezi and look here at the open hours for sports at ACLO.



The swimming training takes place every Tuesday evening in the WAS swimming pool. Coach Michiel Riemslag provides triathlon specific swim training, which is developed to prepare you for the racing season. The swimming pool in the WAS is 25m long and divided into different speed lanes.


Tritanium Top Zwem Training (swim training) (TTZT)

The TTZT is an additional swim session for our top athletes. It takes place every Friday morning and is coached by Michiel Riemslag. To join this training, you need to qualify for it. If you are interested, feel free to ask our technical coordinator for more information.



Tritanium cycles outside between March and October. Under the supervision of our coach Henk-Jan Dolsma, we cycle along different routes in the area around Groningen.

Important things to bring for the cycling practice:

  • ALWAYS wear a helmet
  • Make sure you have an extra tyre, tyre levers, a small air pump and lights with you
  • Make sure you have min. 7 bar in your tyres to prevent flat tyres
  • Make sure you wear warm clothes, because it can get really cold in the evening
  • We recommend bringing a snack (like a bar)



Henk-Jan Dolsma provides the indoor cycling between November and February in the ACLO spinning room. The training has an emphasis on endurance and technique in the beginning of the winter and focuses more strongly on speed and power in the second half of the winter. We make sure that our spinning training perfectly complements the cycling training outside.

Running training

Coach Dirk Dijkstra, who has many years of experience on the track provides Tritanium with a triathlon specific running schedule each week. Different programs divided into different A-tempos are offered every training. This gives beginners as well as fast and slower triathletes the possibility to practice speed and endurance according to their individual needs. More information about these tempos can be found via the following link.