ACLO-Course Swimrun
22 February 2020
Trainingweekend Ameland
10 March 2020

First clinic 2020

The very first clinic took place last Tuesday night februari 18th: Mobility & stability by Rienk Koeneman! Rienk has taught an enthusiastic group of Tritanen all the secrets about conscious movement and length to increase mobility & stability in no time! Where some people are not as flexible as others (no-one’s pointing fingers, Cas), and the waterpolo-balls were flying around our ears, the clinic was a great success!
Thanks Rienk & all that were present!
Rienk is a physiotherapist at the Helpman practice ( & the KNZB.

The next clinic will take place in March and will be about sportdata, sportwatches and how to use that to your advantage! Keep a close eye on the updates the TC will provide for further information ;).