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10 March 2020
The Tritaan & Corona – A HJD perspective
7 April 2020

Corona guidelines & Trainingen

Despite being driven into isolation due to the Corona-virus we all want to stay healthy and happy. Of course your TC would like to help a hand, and I will see what I can to the coming days. But first and foremost it is important to know the exact guidelines, also with regard to training. Therefore, I have put the most important guidelines in order. We implore you to stick to these guidelines, not only for your own health & safety, but also that of the people around you!


General Guidelines

-Stay at home as much as possible!
-If you do decide to go out, keep a distance of 1,5m from others.
-Wash your hands regularly!
-When you sneeze or cough, do so on the inside of your elbow.
-Use paper handkerchiefs
-Don’t shake hands.

Further information (EN):

General Guidelines with regard to training

-All events, trainings, or meetings are cancelled till at least 1th of June.
-Train alone!
-Make use of indoor-training possibilities: a tacx, wattbike, treadmill, weights, or use your own bodyweight!
-If you do decide to go outside, this is still true: Train by yourself! Also try to avoid crowded places.
-Limit your intense workouts, and make sure you recover well – intense training loads also put a load on your immune system, meaning you are more prone to contract viruses. A sufficient recovery keeps you & your immune system healthy, and so less susceptible to viruses. Eat healthy, drink enough liquids, rest sufficiently.
-Be extra careful for (overload) injuries


Cycling: -Don’t empty your nose on the streets – use a paper handkerchief.
-Use a buff, shower directly after training, eat healthy, drink enough liquids, rest sufficiently, so your body has an optimal recovery.

Swimming: -Do not go swimming in the open waters.

Sites (dutch)



Runner’s World:

Dirk is still posting the running workouts on the excel sheet.

Alternative ideas:

Use the materials you have at home: a tacx, wattbike, treadmill, weights, or use your own bodyweight during e.g. a yoga training or a fun HIIT! Core & stability (e.g. yoga) is very important to your workouts, but also strength & conditioning (e.g. HIIT) will help to improve your triathlon performance!

Here are some youtube videos to get you started:

-Swim exercises GTN:


-Core & flexibility (medium):

-Core (swimming) (medium):

-Exercises (running) (easy/medium):

-HIIT GTN (easy/medium):

-Just CORE (intense):

-Other home workouts:
Strength & conditioning (medium):

HIIT cardio (easy)

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