Introduction week 2020
4 August 2020
Semi-annual GM is behind us!
21 March 2021

Clubchampionships 2020

On a cold, but sunny Thursday the clubchampionships were to take place! Firstly, the beginners jumped into the not-too-cold Reitdiep water, to be followed by all the contender for the title of clubchampion, 2 minutes later. Beginner Matej was the first to leave the water, followerd by Tijn and Tobi. They could start their lap around Dorkwerd. Soon after fast swimmer Cas jumped out of the water, followed by rapid swimster Femke. The Clubchampionships were a day for fast swimsters in any case, as she was followed by, Franciska, Fenna, and Telma. They were the first to jump onto their bikes towards Dorkwerd. After this Zoe, Luuk, Ernst and Leander followed, Zoe being able to leave some men in her wake, despite the duckweed. During the cycling part the rankings were shuffled. In the beginnersfield Tijn returned first, followed by Tobi, and later Matej. The men battled during their running lap, but Tijn was the first the finish! Very good. In the meanwhile all the supporters, of which there were more than athlets for the first time, were shivering and waiting for the contenders for the title clubchampion to return from their cycling laps. Franciska showed that she is the fastest on the bike, and returned first, to start running. She was quickly followed by Cas, Ernst and Luuk. Although Cas had a small lead, Luuk and Ernst were looking strong on the running. This race was still undetermined. And although Franciska had a big head start for the running part, Femke and Fenna are notorious fast runners, making this race undetermined as well. This group was making the race pretty exciting! A month long running-taper for Luuk seemed to be exactly what he needed, as he let Ernst and Cas battling for spot number 2 and 3 (respectively), as he won the race, congratulations Luuk! But between the running battle of Cas and Ernst was also still a lady present: Franciska’s lead from the bike was big enough to allow her to finish first without too much trouble during the running part, congratulations Franciska! Femke showed her running abilities by passing Fenna for a second spot. Well done ladies! In the meanwhile Telma, Leander, and Zoe finished, cheered on by the praeses herself. After all this hard work it was time for some well-deserved fries and burgers! The clubchampionships were yet again a success, and we’re very curious who will try to take over the beautiful cups from Franciska and Luuk ;).